In the City Where I Live

Bart Edelman

I don’t travel gracefully

Through my life, by any means,

Always bumping into things,

Left, right, and center.

I can’t get out of my own way,

Even when no one else is around,

Dragging me up, down, or in-between.

A small matter becomes a big problem,

In the city where I live,

And I’m the mayor who winces

Every time a decision must be made,

Since I know I’ll take the wrong route,

Misread or doubt the map I’m given.

Hospitals should exist for folks like me,

Where we’re clinically treated,

And doctors reset the commands

Issued to us at birth.

We never need worry, again,

Concerning our intended direction,

Keeping safe distance from strangers.

Then, perhaps, I may feel at home.