Liam Walke

You say my opinions are aggressive
because you don’t understand violence

You think my language is hateful.
car culture is hateful
blowing holes in the earth for your phone is hateful
the 40 hour work week is hateful
letting them sleep in a parking lot beneath a roofless sky is hateful
banks are hateful
private property is hateful
your white supremacy is hateful
your safety and avoidance are hateful
capitalism is hateful

You think my opinions are violent. (you don’t understand love.)
walking by the leathery woman living in a box on the street is violent
police militarization is violent

your flags are violent
democracy is violent


your silence is gunfire, 2000lb bombs signed and kissed,
your money is rubble beneath a limitless sky, a grenade exploding
in a mosque of devotion and love, your money is children being sniped
in a church


home, refuge, love, giggling children,
feasts of colour and flavour, waves, Debke, celebration, ancestral weaving -
is hell and flesh and oblivion
it’s your money.

your fragility is a screaming amputation without anesthetic, a shivering
child with no living relatives.
your wellness is someone’s murder, your christmas is their father
stripped and shot at point blank - parched humiliation of a desert Holocaust.
your silence is unnoticed
your hate camouflaged